Intimate, the series

‘Intimate, the series’ are three episodes that integrate this web movie about women and lesbian couples

“Intimate, the series” is a Toxic Lesbian project for the broadcasting of web movies via the social network Periscope (@toxiclesbian). It comprises of 3 live episodes which can be viewed live between February and April 2017.

“Intimate” began in 2016 with “Dita and Patrícia’s session”, looking at real cases of relationships between women, their day-to-day life, conversations, and personal journeys. In the project “Intimate, the series”, the web movie episodes are “Aurora and Jimena’s session”, which will be shown on February 18th 2017 from 11.30am until 12pm live via Periscope (@toxiclesbian) and; the second is “Leticia and Pili’s session”, on March 18th at 7pm and finally “Alba and Power’s session” on April 2nd at 2pm.

Each episode of the web series is recorded live in the houses of the participating couples and the 30 minute programme shows us what their day-to-day relationship is like.

With the support of Madrid Council, Madrid World Pride 2017.

Aurora and Jimena are two women who live together as a couple in the Lavapiés neighbourhood, an area with a large lesbian and feminist community. The programme will be broadcast between 11.30am and 12pm on February 18th 2017, the normal time for them to eat breakfast together.

The weekend is a time for them to work on their relationship, to become closer by talking which is, for both, of crucial importance. Their home is a key space for them to be together and communicate, a private place where they have built a mutual space with a calming ambiance.

The Lavapiés neighbourhood has been welcoming to them given its respect for diversity, but they have been on the receiving end of homophobic attacks which have been limited to insults and threats. In spite of this Aurora and Jimena, both born in Madrid, see it as an ever-changing neighbourhood full of opportunities.

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Intimate, the series (Aurora and Jimena session). Alive broadcast COMPLETE VERSION

The couple, Leti from Ecuador, and Pili from the Canary Islands, live in the Vallecas neighbourhood, where they identify with the Madrid working-class borough’s roots. Its revolutionary fame, and identity as a struggling working-class neighbourhood, alongside the huge diversity of nationalities and origins of those who live there, reflects their own activist nature. The genuine neighbourhood feel and community life was a huge draw for them.

This episode of the series will be shown between 7 and 7.30pm on Saturday 18 March 2017, when like many other couples they are carrying out normal daily activities which help them to build a shared life. It’s an opportunity to listen to their thoughts about their own life, to build on their partnership and to develop the kind of closeness required to enrich both their lives.

The relationship for is far from the romantic ideal for either of them. They don’t feel the need to agree on everything, and accept differences as a natural part of their personal journey.

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Intimate, the series (Pili and Leti session). Alive broadcast COMPLETE VERSION

Alba and Power are two women who live together in Delicias where they enjoy community life. This unprejudiced community welcomed them with open arms and they have had no problems. The diverse nature of its population is a good thing for our couple: both have found their place amongst its diversity.

They share their home with their dogs and with their family and friends: socialising and affection define their daily lives. They consider themselves very open people who are environmentally aware and have a social conscience.

The programme will be broadcast on 2 April at 2pm from their kitchen. They enjoy cooking together or for friends, who they often invite to their home. They are surrounded by music, which is a constant in their house, both eclectic and emotional.

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Intimate,the series (Alba and Power’s session). COMPLETE VERSION alive broadcasting